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double-faced graphics。

a kingdom of asian releated graphics

Double-Faced Graphics ☆彡
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KPop, JRock, graphics, wallpapers, icons, layouts

♔ double-faced graphics
Welcome to graphics community running by atemu and Kolina! All our graphics are asian releated that means korean and japanese ent. Our major bias are wallpapers. The community is member only so please feel free to join Double-Faced to see all entries and watch us to get updates.

♔ rules
CREDIT us always. It's not hard.
★ Do not steal or hotlink. We work hard to make all are graphics!
☆ If you saw someone claiming our graphics as own please PM us.
Do not edit or change any of our graphics, that is stealing as well.
☆ Do not bother us on our personal journals. No requesting there.
★ Respect us. No flaming or bashing.


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